Tarot Cards and Readings

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Tarot Cards and Readings

Tarot cards has been in existence since the 16th century. They are used to tell fortunes and psychic reading. For the client, it is more than just picking cards. The cards can give you answers on your past, present, and future. Tarot Card reading Glasgow is one of the key services we offer and will travel around the Glasgow area for home visits, but you are also welcome to come to our home, where these Tarot Card readings can be held with other Psychic Services. We also do a wide range of Psychic Services Glasgow and are Psychic Tarot experts.

Tarot Cards were very small in the past and had leather on the back of them they people were fascinated by then. They are special you need to keep them in say a black scarf, a bag, a box etc. something that keeps the energy within.

The pack I love is the Rider Waite deck their ancient but the energy in them is fantastic.


A little info about me

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jean O’Neil: a born psychic clairvoyant and medium who grew up in and around the Glasgow area. I have 2 lovely dogs, Piper & Daisy, who I love to bits. My background as a psychic clairvoyant and medium goes back many decades. My grandmother was a gypsy who was born in Ireland and stayed in Glasgow for many years. Along with her amazing psychic reading abilities, she was a caring and fun person to be around, and I was very close to her whilst growing up. I have travelled the world providing psychic readings, but as many Glaswegians know there is no place quite like home!

I have been reading for over 30 years, I love what I do and it is great to still be providing face to face psychic readings for all you lovely ladies and gents across Glasgow.

Locally, I provide face-to-face readings, psychic nights and psychic parties with an ongoing discount available for carers, who are very close to my heart. I also give away a FREE Reading every month, to have a chance of winning Like, share and tag a friend on our Facebook page.

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Psychic party nights in Glasgow

Psychic party nights are always great fun and they offer the benefit of a social night in or out with your friends, where you can all reflect on the results together. I am happy to visit you at your home in Glasgow or the surrounding areas - or you can come to me. I am available for psychic nights 6 days a week from 2pm to 11pm, with only Wednesdays when I am not available.

You can also get me at News Cafe, Middleton Street, Kinning Park, this service is available for groups of 2 or more people up to a maximum of 7 people.

As stated above I also offer a discount to all carers.

Psychic House Parties from - £ 30.00

After you have make your PayPal payment to Psychic Decisions, please contact us at info@psychicdecisions.com and Jean Genie will arrange a time with you in the near future. All readings are done by Jean O'Neil and are all private and confidential. Please note this is not a same day service, but should be within a day or two and we will arrange a time and date that suits your requirements. Thanks for your understanding.

Are you looking for a psychic house party tarot card reading night? I can come along to your home in the West of Scotland, and give you and your party guest a house party reading with tarot cards, or just a normal reading. Prices start from £30 and this is one way to have a party night to remember.

Psychic Mediumship

If you have a loved one who has moved on to the spirit world, you may wish there were things you could have said to them, or feel that you want to connect with their presence once more. Through my mediumship service, I can help you to gain those answers and find clarity, channelling messages from the spirit world to you, which you are free to interpret or understand as you choose.

Fortune Telling

To me, fortune telling has always come very easily. Fortune telling is more of a long game, given the fact that there is no way to determine how accurate your fortune is on the night and there are still large aspects of fate and human behaviour to consider. With that being said, I pick up on people’s behaviour and spirit and what path I believe they are on, and my predictions are based on these readings and intuitions.

In terms of a local service in Glasgow, for fortune telling it is best you visit me at my Glasgow premises to have your fortune read.


One of the most common questions I am asked is “What's the difference between a psychic and clairvoyant?” Although to some people the difference may seem subtle, I and my psychic peers know that a clairvoyant will access the information from the spirit world in a different manner to a psychic. As both a clairvoyant and psychic myself, I know that certain messages I receive come directly from a spirit guide, angel or any other definition you may have for someone who has passed away.

The biggest and most significant difference is that a clairvoyant does not need to be seated before a person to pick up a reading. For example, I can pick up information from objects that have some meaning to people such as family heirlooms. I can even look at a picture of someone and pick up their aura from the image alone, if you have a more obscure circumstance you would like me to analyse, this is where my abilities as a clairvoyant will reveal themselves.

To hire me as a clairvoyant, please use my contact form to explain what it is you are looking for and I will then determine wither it’s best if you visit me or if I visit you.