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Phone psychics and clairvoyants in the UK & Ireland

The Psychic Decisions team, led by Jean Genie (Jean O'Neil), has put together a great team of psychic telephone readers. We offer what we believe to be a truly accurate, empathic and understanding psychic hotline. Call today to chat with our team of genuine psychic mediums.

20 Minute reading for £19.99

Payment can be taken by calling our receptionist on 020 7111 6371 or you can book online using the button below.

1. Select the length of your reading. 20 mins (£19.99), 30 mins (£29.99), 40 mins (£39.99), 50 mins (£49.99), and 60 mins (£59.99).
2. Complete and submit your details on our secure form
3. Make a note of the telephone number and access PIN
4. Call the number then enter the PIN when prompted
5. You will now be connected to the reader
6. If you want a reading with a particular reader, then enter their unique reader PIN when prompted
7. Any unused minutes can be used at a later date

Book online to take this offer and we will call you with your 20 minute reading.


Psychic Services


LIVE PSYCHIC PHONE READINGS: USA freephone (1866-960-9525)

Calls cost $1.50 p/m plus your phone provider's access charge. For entertainment only.



Calls cost £0.75 p/m plus your phone provider's access charge. Helpline: 020 7111 6371. 18+. For entertainment only.


020 7111 6371

Calls are normally free; your service provider may charge. 18+ only. You must have the bill payer's permission. Helpline: 020 7111 6371.

Text: 'GENIE' to 78887

Text: 'GENIE' to 78887

SMS cost £1.50 per msg, max 3 per reply. 18+. To opt out of free promo messages, call helpline: 0330 114 0300.

Service provider is InverOak

ROI TEXT SERVICES Text: 'Ava' to 57777

ROI TEXT SERVICES Text: 'Ava' to 57777

(Irish SMS cost €2 per msg, max 1 per reply + standard network charge. 18+. Entertainment only. To opt out of free promo msgs call our helpline: 1800 719347

We are here to help provide the answers
Psychic Readings by Telephone

Psychic Readings by Telephone

Are you feeling lost? Are you in search of answers? There are many troubles that we face in this life. Knowing yourself is the true solution to the problems in our lives, but we often need a helping hand that can guide us towards what we seek.

Telephone psychic readings can help you to understand more about you or the people in your life. We are here to help you and get you the solitude that you seek. Modern life is gruelling, and the glam and glitz can take us away from who we are and the peace that we want in life.

A psychic is merely an intermediary who helps you understand your life better. We use our abilities to understand the troubles in your life and what's causing them. There are different types of psychics, all distinguished based on the abilities that they are gifted with. If you don't feel like speaking to someone, send a text message to one of our UK psychics for guidance. Regardless of which method of communication you choose, we will use everything in our power to help you find peace.

Check out all our readers to see whom you connect with best, by calling the Premium Line number on 0906 955 0041, 70p/m 18+ and putting in the reader's pin. Or leave it to fate and enjoy your reading, which will aim to enlighten and guide you in whatever area of your life you need help with.

Psychic phone reading with Jean Genie (Jean O'Neil)

Text 'Genie' to 78887

Psychic texting with Jean

Jean Genie (Jean O'Neil) is a well-known genuine UK psychic, clairvoyant, medium, clairaudient and clairsentient with over 30 years' experience. Give Jean a call using (PIN 3813) for her expert guidance, or you can contact one of her psychics who she believes are the best in the world.

Chat to Jean using PIN 3813

Speak to UK psychic Molly

Text 'Paris' to 78887

Like Jean, Molly is a veteran psychic with 35 years' experience, she specialises in all aspects of relationships and love, especially. Call Molly on 020 7111 6371 and enter (PIN 4146) to discuss your relationship or feelings for someone.

Chat to Molly using PIN 4146

Chat to psychic medium Sarah

Sarah is a UK based psychic who is particularly gifted as a medium, helping people establish a connection with loved ones lost and gain understanding relating to those who have passed on.

Call Sarah on 020 7111 6371

Psychic hotline readings with Sam

Don’t let her youthful looks fool you, Sam is an incredibly talented and natural gifted psychic whose accuracy and translations from spirit are second to none.

Give Sam a call on 020 7111 6371 to begin a live chat.