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Libra Horoscope - 23rd September to 23rd October

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Libra Horoscope for the period Oct 18, 2021 - Oct 24, 2021

Libra After a slow start, you can finally start to move forward on your new beginnings and projects when Mercury goes direct in your sign on Monday. Now that the planet of communication is moving ahead, you can make a good first impression on people and connect with others without enduring any cringe-worthy moments. Make love or make war when the full moon is in Aries and your partnership zone on Wednesday. Secret enemies could finally reveal themselves, bringing some conflict to your day. Will you give peace a chance and finally settle things? The decision is yours. Get that bag, Libra! The sun enters Scorpio on Friday and will be in your value zone for the next four weeks. Work on finding new sources of income before the holiday season. Make more money or stop buying so many Halloween-themed items. You don’t need material goods to build self-worth. Love ~ What a mixture this week of Love Roamance -Flowers gifts etc

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As both Saturn & Jupiter move away from the bottom of your chart, you should notice a lightening of your mood. Pluto will be in your chart for a few years, but it will bring you a new insight into what you want in life & who you want in your life. The great news is Jupiter & Saturn moving into your 5th house that will balance a lot out.

Career - Last year was not good for Career lots of ups and downs etc., but 2021 will be better in this area. Looking forward, the times around June July are good for switching careers jobs or learning something new. Also, later on in the year will see a pay rise.

Family & Friends - It has been hard with older people in the family but this year sees a turn around this year re mentally & psychical health & yes older people can be stubborn but older people around you have realised. Friends last year have shown their true colores re-support etc. June is a great time for family gatherings.

Relationships - Last year no matter what you said to friends and partners no one was happy. The good news is things are changing you will be looked at in a more positive way this year. In relationships, Jupiter is now in your solar house, which is great Luck is on your side this year.

Best Days for Love February 11th - Work 13th March-Friends 15th October

Crystal Libra Star Sign Birthstone - Aventurine Crystal

Aventurine stones can be green, brown, orange, yellow. Most common is the green variation. Aventurine stones can be found in Brazil, Chile, Tibet, Nepal, Spain, India, Russia, and Austria.

Aventurine is considered a stone of prosperity. It brings the wearer a sense of power because it helps attract power, wealth, and abundance. This stone is deemed to be helpful in any decision-making situation.

The name of Aventurine originates from the Italian word aventurine, which means “by chance”. It refers to the 18th-century chance discovery of aventurine glass or goldstone.

As we approach the Birth sign of Scorpio, Libra will build more merrily and positively Libra astrology traits include leadership, initiative, balance and a strong sense of justice. They’re not afraid to speak up for what they believe is right. Libras become upset when their relationships are out of sing as home life means a lot to them. This is a sign that needs their Scales to be weighed evenly!

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