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Leo Horoscope for the period Oct 18, 2021 - Oct 24, 2021

Leo Your chronic brain fog starts to clear when Mercury leaves its dreaded retrograde and moves forward in Libra and your communication zone on Monday. With the planet of communication now direct, it's a good time to find balance in your life by talking out your problems, especially with your siblings and neighbours. Wednesday brings possibilities for adventure and excitement when the full moon is in Aries and your philosophy zone. New ideas can get you excited as you plan for the future and expand your horizons. Go on a quest for knowledge, Leo! Then it’s self-care time when the Sun enters Scorpio on Friday. Your ruling planet will be in your family zone for the next four weeks, encouraging you to nurture your inner child by healing emotional wounds from your childhood that are now coming to the surface. This can be a messy process, so be kind to yourself. Love ~ Watch that temper this week, compromise & all will work out!!

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Read your 2021 horoscope for Leo

Last year was tough for you. The combination of heath worries and responsibilities would have floored a lesser soul. Congratulate yourself on getting through it all & now you can no focus all your attention on this year 2021. Saturn & Jupiter will move into Aquarius last month, it will set a new cycle in your partnerships & also in your relationship to the public. You're emerging a lot this year.

Career - Uranus, the planet of all thinks 0riginal revolutionary, or just unexpected, continues this journey. You will build this year in a positively easy way to work with Uranus is to expect nothing but be prepared to react quickly. That later part fo May & the first week of June will be great for building on new work & promotions etc.

Family & Friends - You will connect more with Family and Friends You will enjoy it. And an older child may surprise you ie Realising they need to change and build on their life home improvement or a house move could be possible around November.

Relationships - Saturn & Jupiter just don't influence individuals; they influence your relationships too. In early October you will see your social life or romantic life moving in a new direction. The solar eclipse on December 4th is a time for fresh starts or, for singles, brand new liaisons

Bests days for - Work May 11th -Friends 4th November -Love 04th December