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Capricorn Horoscope for the period Oct 18, 2021 - Oct 24, 2021

Capricorn After weeks of hesitation, you can finally make big moves in your career without worrying about them blowing up in your face. That’s because Mercury turns direct in Libra on Monday, moving forward in your career zone. It’s time to start networking and work on your public image to get ahead. However, amid all that wheeling and dealing, take a self-care day during the Aries full moon on Wednesday. The moon in your family zone encourages you to indulge in childhood comforts like drinking hot apple cider and watching favourite Halloween movies. By Friday, you’re ready to get moving when the Sun enters Scorpio and your social zone. You’re ready to use your network to advance your career. You just need to come with a plan first! Spend the next four weeks plotting and dreaming about your hopes for the future, but don’t take action just yet. Love ~ You are so deep at times but!! This week you have more fun you be a bit more open !! U not been to Loving this last few months, bu this week well!

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The last few years have not been the best for you lovely Capricorns. To may grey days for you but the good news is your Ruler Saturn Plant of Luck & Jupiter have moved onto your 2nd house of wealth & earnings. Are you wondering what is going to happen to say in the next five years? Set your goals this year and you're likely to get them!

Career - Great vibes re your work. You need a job that will bring out the best in you, a job you will love and feel positive about will come your way around March-May time this year. A job you will love & branch out in., a job that will embrace, and it will embrace you. Also, January Feburay is a great time to build on your own business that you always thought of, yes you can do it!

Family & Friends - I am picking up that where family and friends are concerned, you will get a better balance this year in many ways. Single love will come out of the blue for you, they make you laugh be there for you, and you can trust them. With a partner? some nice date nights, talking getting that fun back, and don't listen to others re relationships


Birthstone - The deep green colour of Tourmaline helps Capricorns achieve prosperity and fame. This birthstone works to make sure that you are rewarded for hard work and contribution. It assists in normalizing Capricorn's natural ego and arrogance. It also works as a great healing stone. In a relationship, more communications and nights out together when you can. Travel is all around that lovely Capricorn sign that you are will definitely travel towards October November.