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Cancer Horoscope for the period Oct 18, 2021 - Oct 24, 2021

Cancer - Breathe a sigh of relief, Cancer, because the weeks of family drama finally end when Mercury goes direct in Libra on Monday, moving forward in your home zone. Now is the time to take care of yourself and build a solid foundation for your emotional life. Just take a breath! Wednesday brings the potential for reaching a major milestone when the full moon is in Aries. With the moon in your career zone, you find yourself winning at the workplace. Whether you reach an important goal or beat the competition, you’re coming out a winner here. Then have some fun when the sun enters Scorpio on Friday because it will be in your pleasure zone for the next four weeks. Halloween is just around the corner, so indulge in the festivities this week. Decorate your home, make a fun costume, and carve some pumpkins. Enjoy the fun and get into the spooky spirit! Love~ Needs TLC ie fun balance etc

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Read your 2021 horoscope for Cancer

Last year was an up and down year but never fear this year is so positive. You had a lot of opposition and bad luck & strife. Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius will help you transform your financial security, though you still need to use your energies to comply with the plants.

Career - Of all the signs, you are the star sign that needs Holidays every a few weekends away, August onwards will be good for this. It would be best if you boosted yourself to enhance your career. You need energy regularly Walk Running, Kick Boxing etc. it is amazing how the look down has made you change your outlook in life & Mentally & Psychical. lThe last half of the year will be busy learning new things work-wise, anyone around you works with that is negative try and fit away from them.

Family & Friends - Last year was not the best for Family & Friends re seeing them being with them but you did your best, Children will bring you a lot of surprises this year & they will be a good balance for you but again you need to exercise great for that mind and changes coming your way.

Relationships -2021 looks pretty sparkly & fun. The new Moon on the 10th of July is a wonderful time to reassess what you want not what others want for you. Venus is in the marriage angle of your chart means weddings is it yours!! Or is it a new love interest!!

Best Days for - Friends 4th November Love 5th November Work 13 November