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Aries Horoscope for the period Oct 18, 2021 - Oct 24, 2021

Aries After a month of power struggles, you’re finally ready to make peace this week when Mercury turns direct in Libra on Monday. If you’ve been in a battle of wills with someone, now is the time to reach an agreement. Dating and relationships become easier because you’re finally looking for love, not an enemy. Channel all that rage and competitive energy into self-improvement when the full moon is in your sign on Wednesday. This is an ideal day to work out, play sports, or give yourself a physical challenge. Just don’t push yourself too hard! Friday gets emotional when the Sun enters Scorpio and your intimacy zone. For the next few weeks, you could experience emotional growth as you make important changes to your life Love ~ Get intimate with yourself as you heal and move forward on Love matters

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Read your 2021 horoscope for Aries

Aries have been fighting a long war with one step forward and one step back, this now eases this year. You accidentally tarred certain people in the wrong way etc. With luck, they never knew but no more judging people. It's lovely to discover that many of your old, old friends are indeed gold. You will feel more empowered this year 2021. This year you put more into your life and also you will cherish the people around you instead of judging them.

Career - Aries always enjoys change, but they don't always follow it through, this year you must follow things though, with no loose ends, etc. You are ambitious, but you don't as we have said flow thinks though if you do flow thinks through you be more fulfilled in so many ways and use the imagination and you feel great in so many ways. In short, be flexible. Go for what you want. You will not feel so blocked anymore.

Family & Friends - There is a lot of people you like to engage with, but this year it is about you and growing like never before. Travel is not till later on in the yeat June onwards. Health is a big thing for you this year mentally and psychically & I feel that some family may join you on walks running etc. great for you and for bonding.

Relationships - In general, 2021 looks as if it will be kind to you and your significant other. The time around your Birthday and again in August are good bets for Love & Romance. July 13th is perfect when venus & Mars meet up in your soler 5th house of grand passions.

Best days for LOVE July 13th- Friends 10th- June Work July 20th