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Psychic Email Readings (24 Hour Service) by Jean

Psychic Readings by Telephone

Welcome to Decision Decision’s psychic email reading service, whereby you can get in-depth readings direct to your inbox. We often find customers using this service as they can receive more information than a text message and can be a little more long-winded when it comes to describing their problem or question. We have three packages to choose from depending on your budget. Get started today and let us answer your question.

Unlock your future, let go of your worries and find real clarity with psychic emails from Psychic Decisions.

Get the answers to the most pressing questions in complete privacy and in the comfort of your own home

  • Short email readings (usually used for 2 questions) – £5.99

  • General email reading – £10.99

  • In-depth reading with your rising sign included – £15.99

Email bookings

To place an order for an email reading please make a payment via PayPal, and then fill out the form below stating your query and your details. We will get back to you within 24 hours.