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About UK Psychic readings

Welcome to Psychic Decisions, formally known as Decision, Decisions. If you are looking for a psychic reading, clairvoyance, a tarot reading, astrology or mediumship, look no further than us. We are worldwide but have phone hotlines in the UK, USA and Ireland.

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My name is Jean Genie (Jean O'Neil), and I am proud to welcome you to my UK and Ireland psychic readings website. I am a Scottish (UK) psychic clairvoyant, medium, clairsentient and clairaudient with a lifetime of experience in providing UK psychic readings for people all over the world. Find out about some of the ways we can commune below: text, call and online services are available!

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10 Minute reading for £10

Book online to take this offer and we will call you with your 10 minute reading.


Zoom Readings WORLD WIDE for only £ 30

WORLDWIDE ZOOM is a fantastic way to have a PERSONAL 1-2-1 READING for up to 45 MINS You can see me and my Tarot Cards Angel Cards Pendulum & My lovely Crystal Ball Tilly. YOU'RE IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME.

Phone Readings WORLDWIDE for only £17.99

A 45 min readings for £17.99 The way it works is a tune into your voice box. These are very, very popular. All you do is pay to message me, and we sort out a time and date for your reading. All readings are private and confidential book now you won't be disappointed.

Gift Vouchers World Wide - £ 25 - 30

The voucher can be used at any time. For a Zoom Reading ~ 1-2-1 Reading etc All you do is pay for what every service you wish, then I send you the Gift Voucher to your chosen email address. GIFT VOUCHERS FOR ANY OF THE SERVICES

Postcards From Spirit WORLDWIDE - £ 17.99

Have you ever wanted to receive a personal message from the Other Side? Now you can! Imagine travelling to a sacred place where you can receive communication from your loved ones who have passed on, your ancestors, your spirit guides or even your guardian angels. What if they knew what you needed to know about every aspect of your life's journey? What if, when you asked for advice or a sign about your direction, you could receive it in the form of a postcard from Spirit?

Dream Interpretation Zoom - £ 10.99

Dreams are significant. Did you know that many of your dreams are the opposite of what the dreams are! A dream can give you a lot of clarity about you as a person and about others around you, and also they can provide you with clarity about so many things and situations.

Psychic Services


LIVE PSYCHIC PHONE READINGS: USA freephone (1866-960-9525)

Calls cost $1.50 p/m plus your phone provider’s access charge. For entertainment only.


LIVE PSYCHIC PHONE READINGS: Billed to your phone 0906 955 0041

Calls cost £0.75 p/m plus your phone provider's access charge. Helpline: 020 7111 6371. 18+. For entertainment only.


020 7111 6371

Calls are normally free; your service provider may charge. 18+ only. You must have the bill payer's permission. Helpline: 020 7111 6371.

Text: 'GENIE' to 78887

Text: 'GENIE' to 78887

SMS cost £1.50 per msg, max 3 per reply. 18+. To opt out of free promo messages, call helpline: 0330 114 0300.

Service provider is InverOak

ROI TEXT SERVICES Text: 'Ava' to 57777

ROI TEXT SERVICES Text: 'Ava' to 57777

(Irish SMS cost €2 per msg, max 1 per reply + standard network charge. 18+. Entertainment only. To opt out of free promo msgs call our helpline: 1800 719347

Weekly Horoscopes


Weekly Horoscopes

23rd November to 22nd December

19th to the 25th October

Sagittarius,monday begins with questions: Should I be with this person? Is this the best way to manage my money? Am I living my best life? As Venus in Virgo trines Jupiter, you begin questioning every aspect of your life, even your food order. It’s important to look at your choices through an objective eye, but don’t overthink them. The sun entering Scorpio on Thursday will drive you batty as every single person in your life gets on your last nerve.Take a deep breath. What is really bothering you? Dig deep and you may find your answer.Its time to foucas on you this week.! Love~ To be LOVED you need to lOVE your self! Lucky No 23 - Lucky Colour Rust.
Horoscopes: Your weekly free reading
Weekly Horoscopes

24th August to 21st September

19th to the 25th October

Virgo,monday blues are a thing of the past when Venus in your sign trines Jupiter in Capricorn. You feel like sunshine on an autumn day as you head to work or take a stroll through the park. Any task that needs to be done will be completed with ease. Treat yourself to a pumpkin spice latte to celebrate. As Venus trines Pluto in Capricorn on Wednesday, spend most of the day organizing your life—your specialty! Whether you’re reorganizing your entire spice rack, color coordinating documents, or trying to schedule a date night, you got this, Virgo! Love~ Virgo love to be loved but remember you need to return it! Lucky No is 15- Lucky Colour is Black
Horoscopes: Your weekly free reading

Our empathic UK psychic readings are available throughout the UK and Ireland

You may be looking for relationship advice or be searching for that special someone, for the commitment you want from your future partner. Or perhaps you're trying to understand and come to terms with an event from the past - a bereavement matter, for instance. Making the right decisions in life is never easy, but we can help, employing our keen psychic abilities to offer guidance, insight, solace and inspiration.

You can speak directly with me, Jean Genie (Jean O'Neil), or you can communicate with one of the many fellow psychics and clairvoyants with whom I work with. These psychics all handpicked by me for their genuinely exceptional abilities. Get your psychic readings by phone, text, or email.

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How can we help you and which skills do we draw on to do so?

Welcome to Decision Decision. If you are looking for a psychic reading, clairvoyance, a tarot reading, astrology or mediumship, look no further than us. We are worldwide but have phone hotlines in the UK and Ireland.

Psychics have different psychic skills

More about us

When you speak to a UK psychic (or psychic from the US, Ireland and Australia), make sure that you tell them everything that is bothering you. A psychic needs to take in the life events that have crafted the path you are on right now. Psychics have different psychic skills, all of which have different effects and outcomes. We are blessed to have psychics who excel in the following areas;

Clairvoyance: The ability to sense future events that are going to happen in a person’s life. A clairvoyant psychic uses their abilities to predict future events in your life, helping you to make decisions in your life with greater clarity. Clairvoyant psychics further sharpen their abilities using meditation and chakra training. Book a Clairvoyance

Tarot: Tarots are cards have been in existence since the 16th century. They are used to tell fortunes and do psychic readings. For the user, it is more than just picking a card. When you focus and select a card, you are choosing a manifestation of your state. The card can give you answers on your past, present, and future. READ MOTarots Cards and ReadingsRE

Astrology: Humans have always looked up to the stars for answers as they conceal innumerable secrets. Astrology is a science that relates to the heavenly bodies. The movements of the stars and planets casts an effect on the living creatures.

Mediumship: A medium is a psychic who can connect to the other side. They bridge the gap between the two worlds, enabling you to communicate to your loved ones as the spirit world requires mediumship to convey themselves to the living. READ MORE ABOUT MEDIUMSHIP

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